Antichrist Television Blues

19-year-old Londoner studying law at the University of Oxford.

Was once on Noah and the Whale's album cover and still constantly reminding people.

  • if-i-could-have-it-back:


    if-i-could-have-it-back this is the whole photo, there is a chance that you could be in it so I thought I’d share! Still though, those bloody photographers :L

    winandregine-arcadefire Ah, no, I’m either behind the photographer in the stripy top (grr) , or am just out of shot. You might have revealed anti-christ-television-blues though.

    And yes, when he jumped down to the crowd, all I could see was a flailing mass of cameras. Keeping hopes high for Spike Jonzes’ footage…

    Yep, I’m right there above the blonde woman on the left surrounded by 4 photographers. Fingers crossed for the Spike Jonze footage though!

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  • if-i-could-have-it-back:


    ew the quality on this, but i am the girl next to the afro man… the dwarf in between two tall people

    I think I’m blocked by one of the photographers on the left. Dammit!

    Ouch, I’m literally just out of this shot on the left, though you can actually see me in the original photo in Q Magazine

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  • "I discovered the Arcade Fire a year ago. Coldplay’s Chris Martin has been saying he’s discovered them first. But I did. So there."
    David Bowie (x)
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  • "Yeah, we’re a weird band. I don’t really understand why we’re as big as we are."
    Win Butler (x)
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  • "I always have this memory of my Mom dancing in the kitchen all the time. We had a really bad radio – so bad you had to put your finger in it to change the music, so you were always at risk of being electrocuted every time you went to change the channel. And the songs would come on in the kitchen and my Mom would just dance, and she was always sad. I suppose it’s the experience a lot of people have as immigrants. She loved to dance so much and was so sad because she always thought people didn’t dance enough. She was a Haitian woman. She was round. So I don’t exactly dance like that, but not completely different either."
    Régine Chassagne, on her mother.
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  • Je ne suis pas Jeanne D’Arc.

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  • The way Arcade Fire seamlessly reuse lyrics throughout ‘The Suburbs’ is just the coolest thing

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  • First they built the road, then they built the town.
    That’s why we’re still driving around and around.

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  • Anonymous asked : I love your blog!! xx

    Thank you! :) 

  • Thom Yorke and I share the same local pub in Oxford and, a year later, I am yet to *casually* bump into him

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  • Wall Of Arms // The Maccabees

    (Source: Spotify)

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  • Arcade Fire: The Victory Parade - Tom Doyle, Q Magazine, September 2014 


    Arcade Fire have, step-by-step, become enormous, headlining Glastonbury and detecting their influence in today’s "crappy pop hits". Which leaves the band with one question: what next for Earth’s biggest indie-rock act? "We’ll probably end up going off with a 40-piece orchestra," they tell Tom Doyle.

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  • danielrossen asked : you have the best tattoo i have ever seen!

    Thank you! Every now and again I see it floating around Tumblr on its own hahaa :)